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Tree Medic®

Protect the health of your landscape with our Arbor-Pro fertilization, insect & disease management program. A service division of Lawn Medic.

PRO Tree & Shrub Care Overview

Deep Root Feeding

High analysis root zone injection of slow release micro & macro nutrients. Designed to promote healthy, strong growth & circulation.

Season Long Insect Controls

Broad range of controls for insects such as scale, aphids, mites, borers (including emerald ash borer) and more.

Disease Management

Wide range of control options for diseases like apple scab, powdery mildew, leaf spot, needlecast, blights, and more.

Tree Medic® Program

Visits Dormant Oils Fertilization Insect Contol Disease Control
Early Spring x if needed
Late Spring if needed x x
Summer if needed x x
Fall x if needed
Late Fall x

Tree & Shrub Information


Our Arbor-Pro® Plans are performed under the principles of Integrated Pest Management. Through responsible ecological approaches and methods, we are committed to inspecting and treating each plant’s specific needs. Our services are intended to protect and promote vigorous growth, greater disease and insect resistance, and greater tolerance to environmental stress. However, please be aware, some conditions may be beyond our control and results may be affected. There are several tree diseases that are untreatable. Most plants infected with insects and/or diseases can be treated in order to stop progression, but it may take a season or more before visible damage is replaced by new foliage.

Trees are like people and need proper nutrients. Proper feeding will minimize damage to trees, giving them the strength they need to combat stress factors such as: disease, insect, drought, and winter stress. However, other factors (damaged roots by builders, natural girdling of roots below surface, root obstruction, gas leaks, change of grade, terminal diseases, loss of moisture from winter winds, very poor soil, etc.) can contribute to the demise of trees and shrubs.

Thank You For Considering Our Program.

We Pledge To Do Our Part To Keep Your Trees and Shrubs In The Best Possible Condition.