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Individual Specialized Lawn Services

With a name like Lawn Medic, you expect Quality! We offer a wide range of important services not readily available from our competitors. Check any Lawn Medic programs, and you'll agree we provide more for a healthier, lovelier lawn.


Specialized Lawn Services


Performed in the Spring or Fall, or both as needed. Aeration depth from 1.5" to 4" infinitely variable to soil conditions through Lawn Medic's Exclusive Hydraulic Spike Aerator System.


Overseeding with premium grass varieties comprised of elite bluegrasses, fescues, and ryegrass varieties. We also offer a dense shade grass seed blend for those shady areas.

Top Soil and Grading

New house or starting over from scratch? We offer comprehensive fine topsoil and grading services, including rockhounding.

Lime Applications

We correct soil acidity for critical improvements to soil chemistry for a healthy and proper pH. A lack of proper pH level increases thatch, diseases, lowers the number of beneficial microorganisms and increases soil toxicity. Lawn Medic works to correct and prevent this occurrence with our lime which is a form of magnesium and calcium.

Weed Treatments

We have the expertise to control the most difficult weeds like veronica, violets, and ground ivy. We offer custom 1 or 2 visit weed control plans (especially for larger lawns).

Insect Applications

Whether your concern is chinchbugs, sod webworms, fleas, ticks, or grubs, we have the tools, knowledge and materials to solve any insect problem your property might have.

Grub Proofing

We offer a preventative grub control service that guarantees your lawn against any grub damage. If damage does occur, we will repair it at no extra cost to you.

Fungus & Disease Controls

We are experts at diagnosing, recommending and applying the proper fungus controls to reduce or eliminate a variety of turf diseases. We may also recommend certain cultural practices to help reduce turf disease pressure.

Trim & Vegetation Controls

Let us take care of the weeds and tall grasses growing along your concrete foundations, sidewalks, and patios. We also offer a weed prevention service for your landscape beds to reduce weed infestations.