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Pro-Care® - Nationally Acclaimed Turf Maintenance Program

With a name like LAWN MEDIC, you expect Quality! We offer a wide range of important services not readily available from our competitors. Our Pro-Care Plan provides the most comprehensive annual quality maintenance program with complete weed-n-feed plus insect protection for established lawns.

Lawn Care Programs

If your lawn is sparse, needs seeding, aerating, etc., may add extra services to 'Pro-Care' for the greatest dollar savings. Your Recommended service quote may show 'Pro-Care' with desired optional extras that fit the tight budget. Extra services maybe added to our Pro-Care Programs or individual services contracted separately for desirable results based on your turf's current condition.

Custom Designed Programs

Our lawn care technician will evaluate your current lawn's conditions, and recommend the best program and/or services to give you the thick green lawn you alway wanted!

Pro-Care Program

Pro-Care Guarantee - We pledge any losses of turf due to insect or weed infestation will be repaired at no extra charge to you, - as long as service agreement is in force and terms satisfactorily adhered to. Guarantee is void if unforeseen natural catastrophes occur beyond Lawn Medic's control. Guarantee pertains only to authorized Lawn Medic dealers and their clienteles. 

1st Visit

(Early Spring)
  • Exclusive 5-month Time Release Soil Nutrient Fortifier Fertilization
  • Landscape Fertilization for Ornamentals, Shrubs, and Small Trees
  • Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Control per Cornell University Guidelines for Integrated Pest Management
  • Iron Application to Encourage Deeper Green Color
  • Broadleaf Weed Control Treatments on Early Growing Weeds
  • 2nd Visit

    (Late Spring)
  • Broadleaf Weed Controls (our primary application)
  • Slow Release 80% Organic Fertilization if Starting Service
  • Iron Treatment for Initial Service
  • Surface Insect Control for Chinchbugs, Sod Webworms, Deer Tick for Lyme Disease, Fleas, Ants, Mosquitoes, and other Turf Inhabiting Insects, as needed per Cornell Univ. recommendations for Integrated Pest Management
  • Preventative Grub Control Treatment if Contacted Extra (may be done in summer)
  • Post Emergent Crabgrass Control
  • Nutsedge Weed Control
  • 3rd Visit

  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Goosegrass, Crabgrass, Nutsedge Post Emergent Control
  • Insect Inspection per I.P.M. Procedures for Grub Larva, Bluegrass Billbug, Chafer and Japanese Beetle, etc. If infestation exceeds 4 grubs per square foot, a subsurface insect treatment may be recommended.
  • Supplemental Fertilizations Application for Lack of Color and if Favorable Climatic / Growing Conditions Persist.
  • Vegetative Trim Control Around Walks, Drives, Patios, Fences, Beds, Etc.
  • 4th Visit

    (Early Fall)
  • Balanced Fertilization
  • Broadleaf Weed Control
  • Nutsedge Control
  • Subsurface / Grub Insect Inspection (corrective grub control treatment may be recommended
  • Spot Seeding if Needed (for 5 Treatment Plan, may be done during 5th visit)
  • 5th Visit

    (Late Fall)
  • Winterizer Blend Fertilization to improve overwintering and to stimulate even greater root growth and build-up of carbohydrate reserves. (Promotes earlier spring green-up. Also allows for less dependence on heavy spring nitrogen fertilizing that can mean more mowing and possible increase in late spring disease activity.)
  • Maintenance level lime application should your soil pH be below 6.4 but above 6.0
  • Dormant Spot Seeding where needed, and if not done during prior regular Fall Visit.