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Fequently Asked Questions

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Q: Are your fertilizers liquid or granular?

We exclusively use specially formulated granular fertilizers as part of all of our programs. Granular fertilizers give us the ability to slowly feed the turf with the highest quality plant nutrients available for better and longer lasting greening power.

Q: Is grub control included in my program?

Our Pro-Care 4 and 5 visit plans include corrective grub control. If our technicians notice grub activity, they will apply a corrective grub control at no additional cost. We do offer preventative grub control at an additional cost that guarantees your turf against any grub damage.

Our Putter's Green Plan typically includes both corrective and preventative grub controls.

Q: What type of lawn aerations do you offer?
We use our patented hydraulic spike aerator system. No other aerator compares with the Lawn Medic aerator. Each spike tine is 1/4" wide, 4.5" long, case hardened steel. Our aerator produces 4-7 times more holes than common core aerators.
  • No Messy core sod plug debris
  • Fractures soil beneath thatch level to reduce soil compaction for better turf nutrient absorption.