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About Material Products Used in our Services

Quality Products for Quality Service

Lawn Medic has a wide variety of specialty custom formulated organic based fertilizers. One, our exclusive SOIL NUTRIENT FORTIFIER™, plant food fertilizer offers a single feeding treatment that gives sustained controlled growth and greening for up to 5 to 6 months! Another specialty fertilizer is imported from Norway. It is unique premium nitrogen that enables more growth in sandy and poor sub soils. This ‘best nutrient’ feeder accelerates humus and other organic matter formation that is lacking in many soils without adequate rich top soil.

Lawn Medic Seed Division has been in existence for 45 years. Only elite, proprietary quality seed varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass, Fine Fescues, Ryegrass and Bentgrass, etc. are used in our seed mixture to grow quality turf. Durable, deeper green, fine textured turf is a constant goal. Seed Blends are used for different situations, i.e., Lawn Medic’s Heavy Shade seed blend is designed for the best chance for grass to survive under very shady conditions.

To control weeds; insects (including subsurface, such as grubs); fungus/diseases; algae; moss; moles, etc. Lawn Medic has many resources to thwart environment pest problems. Our plant protection product materials individually cost millions of dollars to develop, and commonly require 10 – 15 years of testing before a ‘stamp of approval’ is granted for market use. Pest controls are approved for safety,- and effective for intended control purpose by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, and in states where Lawn Medic operates.

At the completion of Pest Control Treatment Service work, we leave information of the material product (s) used, - and any suggested instructions or precautious to observe.

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