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Bee & Insect Control Programs

Treatment applications are made from May through August; - timed for continuous season-long control against insect activity. Service is convenient, no need to be home at time of treatments.

Pest Arrest Programs

We offer general exterior structural barrier pest control for bees, wasps, and hornets. Initial preventative treatments are generally made in late April/early May (weather & temperature dependent). As needed, a follow-up inspection service will be conducted mid-summer. Our preventative maintenance program covers the entire length of growing season, and includes any follow-up visits to control exterior bee, wasp, & hornet problems.

For controlling ants, spiders, clover mites, millipedes, earwigs, centipedes, crickets, fleas, ticks, box elder bugs, silverfish, and non-nesting carpenter ants, - and more.

Control treatments made around outside perimeter foundation of house, garage, abutting structures, and attached decks, etc. Four seasonal treatments are done: May, June, July and August, guaranteed results. Cost is $170+Tax for the season. Large estate and commercial property evaluations and estimates are available.

Helpful Tips To Reduce Unwanted Insects

View Tips To Keep Your Property Insect Free!

  • Keep shrubs & other vegetation at least 12” from touching outside of buildings.
  • Keep firewood away from touching perimeter structure of buildings.
  • Seal cracks & holes where pests can enter through doors, windows, foundations, roof overhangs, etc.
  • Keep garbage & other refuse containers as sanitary and clean as possible. Reduce excess moisture near foundation
  • For outdoor lighting near doors & windows, change bright high watt bulbs to low intensity yellow bug lights to reduce insect attraction.