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Nu-Lawn is designed in a 2 Part Program for optimial results. Ideal for Destroyed or Very Sparse Turfs In Need of Major Renovation With Fast Results. Services are performed in either Spring or Fall to Renew "Problem Lawns"

Lawn Care Program - "The Renovation"

Under our Nu-Lawn Plan, we guarantee full grass coverage within 3 months, providing you the toughest guarantee in the Industry - beautiful grass coverage! Lawn Medic tackles tough problems, like grub, insect, and diseased destroyed turf. We rebuild lawns at an attractive price. Power rakes, slicers, and other renovation equipment are used to get the job done right. The end result, guaranteed beautiful, superior quality turf!

Custom Designed Programs

Our lawn care technician will evaluate your current lawn's conditions, and recommend the best program and/or services to give you the thick green lawn you alway wanted!

Nu-Lawn Program (advise following care with Putter's Green or Pro-Care Service:

Nu-Lawn Guarantee - Lawn Medic, at end of last Seasonal Application Visit, guarantees a stated percentage of total lawn area will be under grass coverage. That all seed used is of high quality and none of annual species or varieties. If guarantee percentage is not achieved, Lawn Medic will continue service at no charge until guarantee is met. No other guarantee is expressed or implied. Guarantee does not apply beyond end of last seasonal service time period when lawn is no longer under Lawn Medic care. Unforeseen natural catastrophes and breach of service agreement make this guarantee null-in-void. Guarantee pertains only to authorized Lawn Medic dealers and their clienteles.  

Part I

Initial Work & Materials
  • Renovation-Power Slicer / De-Thatching / Aeration or Tilling
  • Seeding with Superior Grass Varieties
  • Fertilization & Soil Nutrients Fortifier
  • Weed Controls
  • Liming as Needed
  • Part II

    Follow up 4 - 6 Weeks
  • Additional Seeding
  • Fertilization
  • Weed & Insect Controls
  • Grub Proofing Controls
  • Fungus Controls
  • Kill-out

    Extensive Services
  • Coarse fescue, creeping bentgrass, veronica, other grassy weed infestations can be erradicated.
  • These intruders are unsightly in an otherwise good lawn!
  • Lawn Medic can get rid of them... and build a superior lawn!
  • Power Aerating

    Extensive Services
  • Aeration to 4.5" depth - speeds thatch decomposition and encourages beneficial microorganism development
  • Relieves soil compaction and allows toxic soil gases to be vented off.
  • Water, oxygen, and nutrients pass more readily into the soil for root absorption
  • Liming

    Extensive Services
  • We apply up to 150 lbs. per 1,000 sq. ft. depending on need and soil type
  • We correct soil acidity for critical improvements to soil chemistry for a healthy and proper pH.
  • A lack of proper pH level increases thatch, diseases, lowers the number of beneficial microorganisms and increases soil toxicity. Lawn Medic works to correct and prevent this occurrence with our lime which is a form of magnesium and calcium.